2014-12-22 Michael PetchFix typo
2014-07-19 Michael PetchFix type issue with some fields in the class RolloutCon...
2014-07-19 Michael PetchFix Typo
2014-07-14 Michael PetchFix typo
2014-01-21 Michael PetchFix issue with xgzarc compression fields in Zlib file...
2014-01-10 Michael PetchMinor code cleanup
2014-01-02 Michael PetchMove the Game Data Format header processing to xgstruct...
2014-01-02 Michael PetchRemove unneeded class methods
2014-01-02 Michael PetchCleanup xgzarc classes, cleanup comments, update copyright
2014-01-01 Michael PetchFix entrytype bug in cube entry class
2014-01-01 Michael PetchFix minor issues
2014-01-01 Michael PetchAdd link to
2013-12-31 Michael PetchFix filename bug that Xavier identified, add field...
2013-12-31 Michael PetchFix unicode issue that made Python 3.3 fail. Continue...
2013-12-30 Michael PetchFixed unicode problems, allow usage with Python3, start...
2013-12-30 Michael PetchRemove unneeded code
2013-12-30 Michael PetchDon't return filler data in the record dictionaries
2013-12-30 Michael PetchAdd rollout file processing
2013-12-29 Michael PetchAdded cube entry (CubeEntry class) support
2013-12-28 Michael PetchAdded move record (MoveEntry class) support
2013-12-27 mpetchInitial XG data extraction tools commit